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Emília Tavares, Catalog: 1980-2004 Anos de actualização artística das colecções do Museu do Chiado, 2004
The staging of a wealthy place, in which serving dishes exhibited on the walls were a tradition, considered a valuable and decorative element, the artist tears apart this sober and traditional scenic place when she inscribes on each dish her own naked body in different poses and the phrase (in four languages: Portuguese, English, French and German): I hate being fat, please eat me! This way a number of items of the feminine representation are imploded, such as the family context, the association by default of a decorative attitude attributed to the feminine genre and above all the imposition of a perfect appearance. In dealing, in a revolted irony, with the repressed desire of imperfect bodies, each pose is a provocative act of exposure of a body which feels rejected, and each dish an offering, with a strong flesh and sexual load, as well as the disarticulation of the traditional spheres between the feminine genre and certain objects of every day life.

Emília Tavares in catálogo, 1980-2004 Anos de actualização artística das colecções do Museu do Chiado. Castelo Branco: Museu de Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior, D.L. 2004. p. ?.
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